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Resource Maze have scoured the globe for well loved children's literature, from classics to brand new bestsellers, and dug out those hidden gems so we could plan literacy lessons to support your teaching. With our extensive, and ever expanding catalogue, we've prepared plans, slides, resources and much much more. So all you have to do is teach!


At Resource Maze we like to use quality texts to plan Literacy lessons and to develop wonderful resources just for you.

We have a range of genres - from classic to modern novels, picture books, poems, play scripts and even graphic novels.

We provide resources that help you use books to inspire learning across the curriculum. 

We work hard to ensure that you have planning that is easy on the eyes, includes all the necessary components and is engaging for both teachers and children.

All of our methods and approaches are informed by evidence based practice and the latest research.

We ensure that our resources and planning are differentiated to help all children make progress. 


All our material is based on the English National Curriculum but is completely adaptable to your needs.


Why not look at one of our plans for free?  

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